Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Hive (Duke Nukem)

Alien hordes are stealing Earth's women for breeding and welcome to the hive! I know I should of help them but I couldn't help but take photos.
I'm kind of surprised that this kind of content pass the British censorship but this is the most extreme it gets along with little alien creatures bursting out of their bodies in the hive.


  1. Yeah, I was surprised too..

  2. If you think that's shocking, imagine my surprise when it got past Australian Censorship, no cuts or anything.


  3. super hot man, i want porn like this lol

  4. Interesting. Maybe I should start again playing
    computer games...

    And out of mere curiosity, are you plannig to do
    anything of that sort?!


  5. What I don 't understand is why are they wearing panties? I mean they took the girls, striped them, impregnated them, and then gave them all thongs? What the heck?

  6. Its probably got something to do with the censors issue of not allowing anyone to expose themselves because if they were naked in game, that may be implied as rape so with the panties suggest that they got pregnant via different means even though the people in control of the censor probably know that are imagination fills in the the actual outcome of these captured women in the hive.

    I've already completed Duke Nukem last night. it's an allright game but the part I like the most was the little things like playing air hockey, snooker, throwing a paper plane and driving a radio controlled monster truck.