Saturday, 21 February 2015

naked piss torturing method.

I know I haven't been round much. Not uploading any pics for while due to various reason though now I've got Poser 10 which is working better compared to P8 and a better sense of what I'm setting up for an image. learning patience when being creative.
Also to say sorry to Nightfall and various fans of my page for not uploading anything.


  1. Mate I for one am just glad your still with us, you've got a talent when it comes to your themes and I'd hate for it to disappear.

    Got some really nice stuff, hope things with rl calm down and bring you back to us more.

    1. Many thanks Nf. Certainly continue to make more of an effort to create more images at a relax pace.


    2. Sound great mate, just kick back and let the creativity flow.

  2. Awesome to see new stuff!