Saturday, 14 September 2013

Aliens mirco machines

Going off topic from the usual subject but here displayed miniatures of the vehicles, crafts from the best ever movie ever created in my opinion- ALIENS.
On the left with the olive colored UD4L dropship with the two opening wings either side with the rocket pods though looks and feels slightly flimsy along with landing gear.

Then the middle of the USS Sulaco which like the dropship has an okay quality of getting details isn't really archived, with the amount of detail of detail on the Sulaco then to compact all that into that size.

Though the M577 APC with movable turrets front and back (right) and derelict alien ship (center front) is of a sturdy design, certainly looks and feels good in quality and detail of the derelict ship may appear to large all over it but gives a sense of uniqueness of such a unusual designed alien ship that was originally design by H.R. Giger.

Also the orange and tan alien being the dog alien along with the alien queen xeno plus Ripley armed with a flamethrower from the first alien movie and Hicks armed with his pulse rifle.   

There is a third pack set but wasn't was interested as it had escape pod and nostromo.

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