Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Darkness 2

This was a fun game-Darkness 2. The ability to use the weapons of the Darkness to use twin demonic snakes to slash, pick up metal poles or other objects to be thrown enemies and rip out their hearts and picking up the demonic pet monkey and throw that at the enemy to be ravage along with using standard weaponry such as two or mismatch of 1911s, Desert eagles, ump45s and handling two mp7s was a good combo along with two handed rifles as the M4a1, AK 74, striker rifle.

As the main character is the head of the New York Mafia gang it dose fill it's set the 1930s give or take then you see a mafia guard with a M4a1 rifle which feels confusing then walking up in a mental institution where every character is in there as a patient or staff telling you this is the real reality but you it's not.

This game has got a cartoonish style to fit the graphics novels givin it I feel a better artistic outlook as opposed to designing photo-realistic graphics to make it look real as shown above but unfortunately see her hanging by rope and blood over her body makes for a grim sight and the most you see of her bare body.

Even Hell has its own armoury of demonic guns as the last level you're sent to Hell as you want to save Jenny who is imprisoned there but the same as you of being possessed by the darkness, the light name the Angelus completely possesses Jenny which is a sight to see.    

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