Monday, 11 July 2011

Finally defeated

How did this happen? Got defeated by some hideous creature and here I am lying naked and exhausted on this uncomfortable slimy floor but I can't see this creature anywhere.

"Did it wonder off?" I thought to myself.

"I hope so."

Then I heard a rusting and instantly knew it was back.

"Oh No, What does this thing want with me now?"

I could hear this creature slowly walk towards me then my body had a sharp short shivered as I felt the creature made contact with me then felt it clamber up and push its way across my stomach.

By now I was breathing heavily as the nerves kick in again to why this thing was on top of me along with the disgusting feel of the wet slimy creepy alien appeared within my eye-site.

No mattered how hard I tried to move any part of my body I couldn't move which cause me to panic more and more,

After a moment of this creature of trying to clamber further up me it finally stop and look straight at me, I suddenly let out a large gasp as I felt a part of this creature's anatomy try to prod me between my legs as it it knew It was trying to find and area to enter.

At time I really panic and used my arms to push this creature of but it wasn't happening as it continued to find the entrance.


All a sudden it find its mark and slowly slid in as I felt the mouth my of vagina slowly widen and widen and with this my heart was beating faster as I knew I'd lost the second battle as it got me under its control.

This creature let out its own gasp once it manage to slid in fully.

My vagina felt so full, more full then I ever remembered as my body betrayed me by trying to contract round the alien's so called penis and how I could feel every inch of its fulfilling throbbing motion.

I couldn't believe I was having an intimate moment with my alien rapist as I felt it thrust deep into me then withdrawn slowly, making sure I felt the entire shaft slowly then back in and it wasn't long before I stated to fill so wasted due to the size of this it.


  1. Fascinating series!

    Would love to see the vie from her perspective, or just above and behind her head.

  2. yeh i need another angle and perspective but this shit is really good, all them art guys do skinny stuff, and make the girls thin, but you make them nice and fine ass hell. the body is perfect and amazing, like the body in the beginning 5 secs, was ridiculously hot, like me and you have the same body image were into, i love it when they got meat, and busty like fuck, and fine and muscular, and healthy, them thighs, and waist, and tits were amazing. i was just thinking today about how if there was going to be any sexual intercourse too, or alien sex and insertion, and cum all over her face and shit, and when i go to your site, there was something like it, i like the story too, your my favorite artist right now, keep up the good work. you genius bro

  3. Ok that is just insanely arousing. No, seriously. Very simple, we don't get so see much, but in 34seconds and with a simple text my mind was already blown.I felt really intimate, certainly because of the point of view and the movement, allowing for identification with the creature and a good perception of the feelings of the woman.

    I really want to underline how much I appreciated this work of yours.

    Also, I think it would be nice to see more of that particuliar scene. Why not from the eyes of the woman ? Without necessary a new text to come along, though I wouldn't mind to read more about it.