Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Welcome to the hive!

Based on the level in Duke Nukem, "The hive" part of that's housing all of the captured women used for breeding. Now kind-of figured out the highlight element in Poser to give her that wetish texture.


  1. Wheee, thanks!

    So I was guessing rightly, after all.


  2. HOLY SHIT HER BODY IS FINE AS FUCK DUDE, YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IT, everything about her body is amazing, and you gave her abs too, tits and everything, iono what you did but her body is like glowing and shiny, so fucking hot bro, this is truely amazing work, genius bro, it be cool if she was showing more pain and emotion, and had long hair, but i dont mind her hairstyle it hot, but man the third picture omfg, them tits are amazing, so reaL! keep it up, you boss man, dont let anyone tell you otherwise

  3. Thxs for the comment. Even though I've still got along way to go, It comes down a understanding of how to set up an image and the hair I haven't yet mastered and of course having the patience and take the time to create a piece.

    Also I have mac pro laptop so the renders are faster.

    Thxs again.

  4. Great, great work. Loving the theme and the looks. Very very hot. Would love to see more like this. Thank you very much.