Sunday, 15 May 2011

Poser 8

Haven't been here for a little while. (sorry Aussie) My laptop broke down few weeks ago but now I've got Apple macbook and now using Poser 8 which is taking a little getting used to.
Here is an ani using P8 an also thanks for the new followers.
Seem to be going through a long theme rough vaginal stimulation.


  1. this one is really really hot, i like it a lot, leg movement camera angle, the alien actions, and reactions, her face body, hair, muscle tone, incredily hot, i wish there was penetration and alien sex, and longer though, keep up the good work, and sound would be nice. Your work is amazing thanks for sharing it to the world

  2. No apology needed mate, glad to hear your up and running, very nice work on the latest ani you can almost feel her pain thanks to your brilliant expressions can't wait to see more.