Friday, 22 April 2011

test ani (low quality)

My first attempt of animation with Poser. I have played around with this before but took to long with the step by step process due to my lack of knowlege but this time round found a time saving process which may inspire me to make more ani flims.


  1. Short and sweet, the animation was smooth, it started out looking like she was uncomfortable but looked like she had an orgasm at the end, a little dark but all in all a great short ani, I hope you will continue like this, maybe you could do an animation and have images to accompany it.

    A big thumbs up mate.


  2. Hi Aussie.

    Hopfully this is the inspiration boost I needed.
    I will also try to add audio to the anis as I got a few ideas, just needing the time to work on them as using tentacles will take some time.

    Thanks 4 the comment.